Devils Film Releases ‘I Like Black Girls 7’

Devils Film releases “I Like Black Girls 7.” White guys are no match against four beautiful chocolate starlets and their sexual energy, in the newest DVD release from the studio’s “Interracial Series”  directed by David Lord.

“What do all four of these white boys have in common?” asks Devils Film in “I Like Black Girls 7” of its fans. “They all like black girls! Watch these four deliciously dark women devour these guys and drain them dry; moist and creamy, they use their pussies to seduce and suck their cocks so much, the boys never want to leave.” Beautiful Kandie rents a room while in college; her housemate can’t keep his eyes, or hands, off of her, who shows him some of the perks of having her as a tenant; Alexis’ new photographer is mesmerized by her gorgeous, smooth, cocoa skin, and totally forgets to be a professional; Lala visits her doctor for a routine checkup, but her doctor has plans to get very personal with her care; in the final scene, cover model Jenna shows her white-boy love interest what it means to have a sexy black girlfriend with insatiable sexual skills.

“I Like Black Girls 7” stars Kandie Monae, Jenna Foxx, Lala Ivery, and Alexis Avery. To view the box cover and synopsis, visit

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